So you may be asking yourself, "Why choose a Personal Trainer", or "How will having a Personal Trainer benefit me" read on to find out more
So Why Choose Personal Training?

  • To provide you with the ultimate in motivation
  • Help and guidance with your technique
  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Achieve results quicker
  • Provides you regular updates and analysis on your performance and progress
  • Can help with various different aspects of your health and fitness, such as posture, stress & nutrition
Who can benefit from having a Personal Trainer?

  • Men & Women
  • Those who are new to exercise up to top athletes
  • If you have little time to train, a personal trainer may be for you, to help you get the most out of your work out
What will I receive?

  • You will receive a free consultation (if 2 or more sessions are booked) including a par questionairre (pre activity readiness questionarre),
  • You will receive a life style questionairre
  • Fitness testing, to gauge your current level of fitness and progress

If you feel uncomfortable training in a gym environment, Personal Training can also be conducted in your own home, no eqiupment necessary as all will be provided.


Personalised Training Programs.
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Sessions to suit you.
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The right nutrition.
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8 week management course.
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