I’m a firm believer that personal training should be exactly that, Personal! Personal to your wants needs and goals! And most importantly to have fun!

Motivation is a key factor in getting your health on track. How many of us have joined a gym only to leave again a few months later due to lack of direction, getting bored of the same program.  With Chris Jackson Personal Training I want you to get the most back for what you put in, you programmes will be varied and specifically catered for your own personal goals, to therefore get the maximum results for YOU!

Whether your goal is to loose weight, tone up, improve your flexibility, deal with stress, sports specific training, such as Football, Running, Rugby, Swimming, Martial Arts and many more, or just to improve your overall fitness levels I can design programme for you.

Personalised Training Programs.
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Sessions to suit you.
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The right nutrition.
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8 week management course.
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