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There are many different forms of massage treatments, the ones available through Chris JacksonPersonal Training & Massage are: relaxation (Swedish massage), Sports massage and remedial massage.

Relaxation (Swedish Massage):  This is the manipulation of the soft tissues (skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments) of the body. It is a firm massage and has a set routine of techniques that vary from deep pressure to stimulate the body's systems, to a slower, more superficial movement to assist relaxation. There are four basic movements used in Relaxation Massage:

Effleurage: relaxes and stretches the superficial muscles of the body.

Petrissage: kneading and squeezing of superficial and deeper muscles and soft tissue.

Friction: breaks down adhesions between tissues and relaxes muscle fibres.

Tapotement: a variety of percussive strokes to stimulate skin and muscles to increase blood flow.

Sports Massage:    Uses Swedish massage techniques to warm the muscles and prepare them for deeper treatment.  Depending on the problem being treated the type of deep tissue techniques will vary. 

Sports massage is ideal for loosening muscle groups to regain flexibility and range of movement and to prevent strains occurring.  It is also the aim of sports massage to lengthen shortened tissues, tone weakened muscles, breakdown scar tissue. 

Sports massage also focuses on muscle recovery rate and helps to cleanse the muscles of toxins allowing less muscle fatigue after exercise. Deep massage is applied to the muscle groups.

Remedial Massage:   This is a corrective massage to encourage muscular alignment, to muscle groups that are strained from overuse. The massage is deep and specific, concentrating on the muscles that are tight and stiff.

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